Signs your saddle does not fit - negative behaviour in horses

Did you know that your horse could be displaying negative behaviour due to a poorly fitting saddle? Your horse may be trying to tell you something when it reacts in a negative way.

Signs to look out for on the ground:

  • - Avoidance - walking away from you when being tacked up
  • - Ears back and head shaking
  • - Pawing at the ground

Under the saddle:

  • - Short strides
  • - Reluctance to go forward
  • - Refusing at fences
  • - Hollowing through the back and not working in an outline
  • - Tripping
  • - Unable to achieve the correct leg in canter
  • - Rearing or bucking


If your horse is repeatedly showing any of these behaviours, please get in touch via telephone or email to book an appointment.

Avoidance behaviour