Preparing for your Saddle Fitter

Please read through the information below to help the appointment run smoothly.


Many riders, including those who ride at a high level, are unaware of the facilities the saddle fitter requires for the appointment.

Planning and having the right facilities can help the Saddler to provide the best possible service.

Facilities required:

  • A flat hard surface - to asses the horse's confirmation
  • An area for the horse to be ridden – sand school or a suitable field is acceptable.
  • Jumps set up ready - if the saddle is a jump/xc
  • Lights are needed for the saddler to work and flood lights in the school (during Winter) 

Rider Essentials:

  • A rider/owner needs to be always present during the appointment
  • The horse being assessed needs to be well groomed
  • Tack needs to be ready to use
  • A thin saddle cloth may be needed for trying new saddles.


For more information or if you are unsure on any part, please contact the shop before your appointment.